(a) The National Chairperson Shall:-

  1. Preside at all conferences and meeting at which he/she is present and enforce observance of the constitution and rules of the union and perform such duties as by usage and custom pertains to his/her office.
  2. Be responsible for the administration of the Union.
  3. Act as one of the responsible financial officers of the union and co-sign financial instruments.
  4. Cast a deciding vote in case of a tie at any meeting
(b) The Vice — chairperson shall
  1. Preside over conferences and meetings in the absence of the chairperson and whilst so performing such duties, shall have the same privileges as the Chairperson.
  2. Perform other duties as delegated by the National Chairperson or assigned by membership, National Executive Committee, National Governing Council, or National Delegates Conference.
  3. If for any reason the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson fails to preside over any properly convened and constituted conferences and meetings, the members attending such conferences and meetings shall have the right to appoint an ad hoc chairperson.

(c) The Secretary General shall:
i. Be the Chief Executive Officer and spokesperson of the Union.
ii. Act as the custodian of the seal and constitution of the Union.
• 111 Issue and prepare the agenda of all conferences and meetings and attend all conferences, special conferences and all meetings of the National Executive Committee and record the minutes of the union.

  1. Maintain the non-financial files and records of the Union.
  2. Maintain accurate membership records.
  3. Receive, report and respond to correspondences f,or/on behalf of the Union.
  4. Represent the union before the employers, various bodies and organizations, the public Community, organizations, legislative, executive and the media.

viii.Supervise all Union employees.

    • Prepare Annual reports to National Delegates Conference and the entire membership.
    • Be responsible for ensuring due compliance by the Union with the provisions of the Trade Union Act and all regulations met thereunder.
    • Be the chief accounting officer of the Union and act as one of the responsible financial officers an co-sign the financial instruments.

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