1. The National Executive Committee shall decide a place where the chapter of the Union may be established provided that no chapter shall be established if the number of members is less than twenty.
  2. Should membership of any chapter fall below twenty members for a period of two months, such a chapter may be disbanded and its members transferred by the National Executive Committee to another chapter. Provided that the same is reported to the National Delegates Conference.
  3. The National Executive Committee may suspend or disband any chapter, which fails to comply with the constitution and rules of the union or decisions of the National Delegates Conference, Special Delegates Conference or National Executive Committee and may transfer the members of any chapter so suspended or disbanded to another chapter and the same shall be reported to National Delegates Conference.
  4. A Chapter General Meeting of members shall be held every year at such time and place as may be decided by the Chapters’ Executive Committee. The chapter secretary shall notify all members the date, time and place of the chapter general meeting at least 14 days before the said meeting. The quorum for a chapter general meeting shall be one third of the chapter members.
  5. A Chapter Special General Meeting of members may be called by a majority decision of the chapter committee or on the written request of not less than one third of the fully paid up members of the chapter. Such a chapter Special General Meeting shall have all the powers of the chapter AGM and shall be governed by the same rules as to composition, quorum, and voting as a chapter AGM. The chapter secretary shall give notice to all members, of the date time and place of the special general meeting at least a week before the said meeting.
  6. The Chapter Executive Committee shall be responsible for each chapter subject to the control of the National Executive Committee. Such chapter committee shall be composed of chapter Chairperson, Chapter Vice-chairperson, Chapter Secretary General, Chapter Assistant Secretary General, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter Assistant Treasurer, Chapter Organizing Secretary and other Co-opted officials to ensure representation of special interest groups.
  7. The chapter committee shall meet at least once every three months and the chapter secretary shall inform all members of the chapter committee at least seven days before such meeting.
  8. The quorum for the chapter committee shall be half the eligible committee members.
  9.  All chapter officers shall be elected every five years subject to article 14 by secret ballot at the chapter general meeting and shall remain in office for five years, provided that any chapter officer may be removed from office by two thirds of chapter members voting by a secret ballot at a Special Chapter General Meeting. The vacancy so created shall be filled by elections as stipulated in article 22 at such Special or Annual General Meeting, the voting thereon being carried out by secret ballot. Such elected officials shall hold office for the remaining term.
  10. Any chapter officer may be suspended from office by a two – thirds majority decision of all members of the chapter committee. The chapter Executive Committee shall have powers to appoint one of its members to act in post pending the decisions of the special general meeting of members whether or not such an officer should be removed from office altogether.